Building a new home, not sure where to start?

Great idea but confused about the process?

Are you scared about budget blowouts?

Worried about choosing the right builder?

Let Bright Build, Craig and the team take care of the hassle so you can enjoy a first-class result.

Building a new home is a dream for many, but the complexity involved can make you feel like you are in a nightmare – overwhelmed and uncertain.   That’s where we come in – Bright Build can help you every step of the way – whether it’s your first home or your fifth. 

Personally, Craig has decades working on high-specification, architectural new builds, interspersed with large-scale renovations and alterations.  Having built both for himself and for clients, we know exactly how you are feeling.  Nervous, eager, confused ……so many emotions.  And as a Certified Passive House Tradesperson, we have expertise in highly energy-efficient, sustainable contstruction.

The good news is Bright Build can help turn your anxiety into excitement and confidence about your build.  We professionally guide you through our detailed 10 step building process, nothing is left to chance – and nothing is forgotten!  Bright Build is unique amongst building companies – our systems, checklists and processes are designed to ensure the highest quality building result and experience, for every client, every single time. 

As a family-owned business, Bright Build has the flexibility to help you, no matter what stage of construction you are at.

If your land has an older house that requires removal or demolition, we can help.  Perhaps you have some land and great ideas, but no plans?  No problem!  We can help you formulate a brief, and assist you to find an architect.  And if you already have plans and are rearing to go – fantastic, we can get started!

Bright Build is a residential construction company that can cater to your entire building process.  Our customers tell us about how their homes were made even better because of our advice and consultation.  That expertise has been hard-earned from decades of work on building sites around Wellington and London, giving us the ability to see solutions that others can’t.  And as Certified Passive House builders you can be assured that we understand high-performance, energy-efficient construction.   We have knowledge, resources, and if necessary, contacts throughout the building industry in Wellington and further afield to ensure you only get the best result. 

So let’s make your new home happen

We work with you to ensure you have the knowledge to make important decisions within your time-frames, and your budget.  Once your build is underway, we understand that you may want to make changes.  Your circumstances, tastes, availability of materials can all alter over the time you are building – and things can look very different once walls go up!  For each variation you consider from your plan, we can advise on the time and cost implications – meaning you have full information before making a decision.  At all times, you are kept up-to-date and fully informed through our cloud-based management system.  You can log in and see the latest photos, check how the project is tracking, and ask questions – all in one place. 

Bright Build size is it’s strength.  We are small enough to care and personally ensure the craftsmanship of our work, yet large enough to accomodate complex, seven-figure new builds with our skilled, professional team.  Trust us to complete your dream home, and change the way you live.

Bright Build Guarantee it – with our own Residential Building Guarantee above the Rest

Worried about whether your builder is a flash in the pan and your dreams will go up in smoke?  It’s all good at Bright Build – we are local, family-owned and here to stay.  Remember – Craig has been building in Wellington for over 30 years. 

Our priority is you and your home – and that’s only the start of how Bright Build differs from other building companies. Everything we do, we do with integrity.  In fact we are so confident in our systems, processes, quality, and workmanship – that that we have our own extensive Bright Build Guarantee.  It’s just one of the many perks of being a Bright Build customer. 

As a member of Registered Master Builders, using Bright Build gives you the ability to apply for a Master Build Guarantee.    And even if you go on to sell your house, the Master Build Guarantee can even be transferred to the new owners, giving both you and your purchaser peace of mind.

Build Process

The home of your dreams, successfully completed on time, to the highest quality standards – does not happen by accident.  Trust our decades of building experience to provide you with ideas on how to get the most out of your build.  We know how to solve any problems that may arise.  We’ve seen it all in our time in the industry, from London to Seatoun.   Lifts, glass floors, intricate timber detailing, Passive Homes, solar panels, German air ventiliation….we have done it!

We know how overwhelming it can feel trying to ensure that all the elements crucial to your build are covered.  We want you to sleep well at night without worrying about what’s needed for your new home, how to co-ordinate sub-contractors, or updating your own timeline of progress……

Setting up, managing and successfully completing renovation projects is our bread and butter.  It’s what we do, every single day.  We know that your project, and your needs, are different from everyone elses.  Our tried and true 10-step Project Process to renovation success ensures your project is delivered just the way you want you want it.

Understand how we help you by reading the through the Bright Build 10-step Project Process.

8 Reasons to trust Bright Build

Bright Build goes above and beyond the Registered Master Builder guarantee (which we offer).

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Case Study

Bright Build completed this large, 390m2 home in Seatoun, during 2016/17.  It’s one of Craig’s favourite builds – not just because it’s his home and office – but because of the high specification building technology that it contains.  The home is based off Passive House principles, meaning it’s warmer in winter, cooler in summer and takes minimal (if any) energy to heat.  Solar panels, ventilation system, structured insulated panel walls (SIPs) make this home a pleasure to work and live in. READ MORE

What Bright Build Offers You

True Specialists in Quality Homes

Our entire company has been designed to specialise in high-quality new homes and renovations and, and provide our clients with the very best in building practice and customer service.  We thrive on the challenge of creating a wonderful home.  It’s what we love! 

Our extensive library of building knowledge has been gained over many years from building new homes,  major renovations, insurance reinstatement, international work.  We have a passion for further learning – investing in studying new technologies and improved building methods such as Passive Homes through courses, exams, memberships, research and seminars.  And it means that we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver great solutions that others cannot.

Best Building Experience

Bright Build is unique, in that it has been designed to provide the highest quality building result and experience, for every client, every single time.  The checklists, systems and processes that Craig has developed in his 30+ years in the building industry are a winning formula, and are applied consistently to every Bright Build job.  And with 96% of our building work coming from repeat customer and referrals – we are excelling at doing just that.


At Bright Build we understand that your build is a significant investment of your time, money, and energy.  Our cloud-based, state of the art building technology allows you to sign in to your building project, and see the latest updates in real time.  Site photos, meeting minutes and actions are all stored in the cloud for you to view at any time.   


Our quality control checklist is extensive, covering all the work your build entails.  Every facet of the project is broken down, ensuring that no detail is forgotten at any stage of the project.  From this checklist we personally check that the craftsmanship on your home is of the highest quality and meets industry standards  We are so confident of Bright Build’s quality, you have a whole year to live in your home and check our workmanship – guaranteed!

Energy Efficiency Expertise

Energy efficiency is very important to Bright Build.  And let’s face it – no one likes huge power bills!  We truly walk the talk – our own home and office have been built using Passive House principles, solar energy, Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) and a sustainable ethos.  We believe that everyone deserves a home that is warm and dry in winter, cool in summer, kind to the planet and that requires little or no energy to remain comfortable year round.  If this is of interest to you, read through our information on Energy Efficiency here and get in contact – we are happy to share our knowledge. 

Bright Build at Work

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I’m not sure I can thank you enough for what you brought to the building of my house. (Well, carrying it all up the hill is a big one!). I really appreciated your patience and consideration for me and I also admired that the same care was extended to your crew. You created a calm and peaceful environment and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Looking around me I see many examples of your generous help and knowledgeable opinions. My home is a better place because you were on the job.

Michael – Miramar

Thank you very very much for your fantastic work. We are really pleased with the result.
 Your workmanship and ethic is the best.

Chrissie – Seatoun Heights