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Bright Build is unique, in that it has been designed to provide the highest quality building result and experience, for every client, every time.

From your initial contact and filling out our “Understanding your project form” through to final handover of the keys, Bright Build leaves nothing to chance.

Bright Build uses state of the art building project management software – we call it “Bright Brain”. All of the information you require for your project is stored within our cloud-based system, accessible via the website and downloadable app (Apple or Android). Our project management systems can give you confidence we will actively manage your project from the beginning, right through to on-time delivery.

As an owner, you receive your own personal log-in to our software to access your project. You can see exactly how the work is progressing – and how transparently Bright Build works with you during the journey. Real-time, any-time access to information on your project is literally at your fingertips. Plans, emails, to-do’s, variations, queries, photos, warranties and more are all stored securely on-line. And you can even send invite your friends and family to your site so they can see the progress too!

Benefits include having all your project files in one place – and one version of the truth. No wading through emails to see which paint colour you chose, or how much the new carpet is costing. Change-orders can be photographed, discussed and the costs recorded and approved – without even leaving your seat. You can even sign approvals on your smartphone screen with your finger.

Communication can either be via Bright Brain (especially valuable if you want to refer to it in the future), and also via phone calls or meetings. Our one business day maximum response time is guaranteed.

On-site, work is managed utlising Bright Build’s proprietary processes, procedures and checklists, and constantly monitored and checked against our standards. These unique systems form Bright Build’s valuable intellectual property, which when combined with our problem solving skillls, quality, and craftmanship – set us apart from the rest. It is also how we ensure that your project is delivered on time, with the highest standard of workmanship.

We take care of the paperwork for you and ensure all relevant warranties, building code inspections (and Master Build Guarantees if appropriate) are up to date prior to project sign off. Your project is then tested against Bright Build’s extensive Quality Assurance Checklist before we handover – so you can be assured you have the highest level of workmanship.

Utilising the best available software; alongside these checklists, systems and processes that Craig has developed in his 28+ years as a Registered Master Builder means we have a winning formula.

And this is applied consistently to every, single Bright Build project – including yours.

We are so confident of Bright Build’s quality, you have a whole year to live with our handiwork and check our workmanship – guaranteed.

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Bright Build goes above and beyond the Registered Master Builder guarantee (which we offer).

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